Simple Flight Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

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The Simple Flight mod for Minecraft is a mod that allows your character to fly as you'd expect. However there are a few stipulations as this isn't a flight mod that allows you to creative fly in survival mode. Instead the Simple Flight mod for Minecraft gives you the ability to fly but you only get a certain amount of flaps.

Additionally you do take fall damage if you don’t wear glider-enabled wings.

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Flying Made Fun Again

Unlike other flight mods that practically break the game and make your character feel like some sort of airborne god, Simple Flight allows you to fly within the boundaries of reason. By equipping the flight wings or glider you immediately get to see how many flaps you get before you begin gliding, or falling depending on the situation.

How it Works

The Simple Flight wings function as a chest piece item that your character wears. When wearing the wings (or glider) you must find a way to get airborne. This can be done by walking off of a ledge or even just jumping. From this point you can then flap your wings by holding whatever your default jump button is. As mentioned previously, you do have a limited number of flaps so be careful how you use this.

What You Can do With Simple Flight

The Simple Flight mod makes it easy to reach high areas without the need to build platforms or pillars. You can also reach areas of your buildings and constructions much easier instead of having to scale staircases and such. In an open world environment Simple Flight can help you to escape enemies.

Downloads for Simple Flight Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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