Shur’tugal Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The shurtugal mod for minecraft adds a variety of dragon-related additions once installed to your copy of Minecraft. Specifically, the shurtugal mod allows you to ride winged dragons of nine different colors and also lets you craft sets of Dragon Rider Armor with matching Dragon Rider Blade. Care and Handling of your Dragon Dragons take time to hatch, and even more time when they emerge from their eggs to mature.

However, simply typing “/mature dragon” while highlighting a dragon hatchling will instantly age it to riding size.

Item Usage within the Mod– You must place a Saddle on your dragon in order to ride it like any other mount. Mounted dragon flight is normally controlled by what direction you’re currently looking in. However, you can make use of the keyboard’s arrow keys if you pull your Bow out.- Bones can be used on an adult dragon to command it to stay in place; using a Bone a second time allows the dragon to move about, usually following your character.- Diamond Shears (a new item) allow you to harvest Dragon Scales from any dragon. It should be noted that dragon color is taken into account with the harvested Scales.- BrightSteel (a new ore) is used when crafting Dragon Rider armor and blades, along with Dragon Scales of the appropriate color.

Temple RaidingEach of the nine dragon temples added by this mod houses a different colored dragon egg. Once this egg hatches, the hatchling will serve as a pet which you may use as a mount after it becomes an adult. However getting a dragon egg requires that you complete a unique puzzle for each variety. Upon solving the puzzle, the proper color of dragon egg will spawn. Furthermore, each Dragon Temple is keyed to a different biome.

Here are just a few examples of the puzzles and areas you will need to travel through to collect one of each dragon type.

  • Yellow Dragon. A desert oasis houses the yellow temple. Getting the Yellow Egg requires you to solve a puzzle.
  • Red Dragon. The red temple is housed within The Nether and gaining the Red Egg requires tossing a certain number of Magma Creams, Nether Wort, and Blaze Rods into its central lava pool.
  • Green Dragon. The green temple is within a forest biome and gaining the Green Egg requires tossing two Apples, a Golden Apple, and some Leaves into its central water pool.
  • Pink Dragon. The pink temple is within a village biome and gaining the Pink Egg requires dying a Sheep with Pink Dye and nudging it into the temple’s lava pool.

Future Plans and AdditionsThis mod is still being developed and worked upon. Future plans for improvement include adding dwarves and elves to the world, deer and horses, and special mechanical benefits unique to each variety of dragon (such as being able to shoot fireballs from a red dragon’s mouth or having being able to stand on clouds with a white dragon), as well as unique names for each dragon and even speech bubbles to convey the idea that your dragon is actually able to think and speak.

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