Shape Shifter Z Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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One of the most popular parts of Minecraft has quickly become the skin system, but the limitation that skins have to be over a predefined model is far too limiting for many people. Shape Shifter Z is a mod that gives the player far more control over exactly what they look like, and provides a massive amount of both expected and innovative choices for the player to choose from.

Added to the crafting system are two bones. The first of these is something called a “Shape Shifting Bone” which is crafted from bones, iron, gold, and rotten flesh. This bone allows the user to turn into any of the following creatures, and even more:

  • Mooshroom
  • Spider
  • Dragon
  • Cow
  • Chicken
  • Silverfish

Put simply, if the model/texture exists in the game, the player can instantly turn into it by using the shape shifter bone. In addition to the primary shape shifting bone, there is also an ability bone. This bone allows the player to perform the abilities that are native to different kinds of creatures, such as the dragon’s fireball. Of course, this is great for truly feeling like you are the thing you’ve transformed into, isntead of it just being a different type of skin.

Letting Imaginations Run Wild

While the shape shifter z mod for Minecraft is fantastic for anyone who wants a bit more variety in their Minecraft world, the mod really shines when its put into the hands of children. Adults often have trouble being something that they really aren’t, which in this context translates into being something that isn’t human. Children, however, can take this concept and run with it, their imaginations going wild. In fact, the person who created this mod was inspired by his son wanting to be a cow and the lack of a functional mod for that purpose. It’s one of those things that we adults would never think of, but it immediately comes to the mind of a kid.

Changing your Avatar for the Better

So, whether you’re looking to have some more fun with your kid in Minecraft, or are looking for something to really mix things up on your multiplayer server, Shape Shifter Z is a great place to start your search. With a number of fun new ways for players to express themselves and their personality, this mod takes skins to the next level and beyond.

Downloads for Shape Shifter Z Mod 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2

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