Shape-Shifter Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.4.5

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Minecraft allows players to customize their human character. However, many players might yearn for a bit of variety. The Shape Shifter Mod for Minecraft allows players to become one of the many monsters and creatures that roam the Minecraft world. Often referred to as "mobs," these are normally computer controlled opponents.

Some of them come out at night while others move around during the day. Once this mod is installed, you can press the “U” key to cycle between various forms.

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What sets this mod apart from the crowd is that the player is able to finely customize the “mob” character that they become. Your various shapeshifted forms are stored in text files marked with an “s_” prefix. Rather than having to manually edit these files, you can adjust your mob’s appearance in-game. The program will generate these text files for you. If you wish to fine tune them manually in a text editor, that is also an option.

A nice touch is that the mobs you become are not just an aesthetic shift. Your size and shape will also be adjusted to match the creature that you became. As an example, if you turn yourself into a wolf, you will be able to fit through small spaces in the jungle biomes that a human could not fit through. Currently, this feature works only in single player. However, the developer is working to expand it to multiplayer mode in the near future.

Currently, the default shape shifting forms are chicken, ocelot, wolf, snowman, Ghast, Giant, fish, fly, Enderman, Creeper, spider, villager, and Golem. The developer aims to add more species soon. Note that the Giant class is not yet available in multiplayer for reasons of game balance. The Shape Shifter Mod for Minecraft shows a great deal of promise and we look forward to seeing it improve in the future.

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