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Shape-Shifter Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Minecraft allows players to customize their human character. However, many players might yearn for a bit of variety. The Shape Shifter Mod for Minecraft allows players to become one of the many monsters and creatures that roam the Minecraft world. Often referred to as “mobs,” these are normally computer controlled opponents. Some of them come out at night while others move around during the day. Once this mod is installed, you can press the “U” key to cycle between various forms.

What sets this mod apart from the crowd is that the player is able to finely customize the “mob” character that they become. Your various shapeshifted forms are stored in text files marked with an “s_” prefix. Rather than having to manually edit these files, you can adjust your mob’s appearance in-game. The program will generate these text files for you. If you wish to fine tune them manually in a text editor, that is also an option.

A nice touch is that the mobs you become are not just an aesthetic shift. Your size and shape will also be adjusted to match the creature that you became. As an example, if you turn yourself into a wolf, you will be able to fit through small spaces in the jungle biomes that a human could not fit through. Currently, this feature works only in single player. However, the developer is working to expand it to multiplayer mode in the near future.

Currently, the default shape shifting forms are chicken, ocelot, wolf, snowman, Ghast, Giant, fish, fly, Enderman, Creeper, spider, villager, and Golem. The developer aims to add more species soon. Note that the Giant class is not yet available in multiplayer for reasons of game balance. The Shape Shifter Mod for Minecraft shows a great deal of promise and we look forward to seeing it improve in the future.

How to download & install:

Get 7-Zip file archiver for opening jar files. Get fresh minecraft.jar by forcing update. Delete META-INF folder from minecraft.jar Extract Shape Shifter .zip file into the minecraft.jar Play!

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Download Page for Shape-Shifter Mod
  • http://www.facebook.com/ruwaid.zamil Ruwaid Zamil

    When i try to load up minecraft it just says done loading and freezes

    • Assault42

      me 2

      • zackattack

        me also

    • Lucy

      You have to update Minecraft. :)

    • http://twitter.com/amordecosmos amordecosmos

      Me too. And stop with the useless “update minecraft” advice, it freezes on 1.5.1.

      • oddiebob

        all you do is force quit

  • Hermy

    me too

  • austin hammack

    same hear

  • TheSuccesOfMinecraft

    Were is DAMN link to the MOD

  • TheSuccesOfMinecraft

    dushfidshglkfdjhgkljdfsjkjdfghlkxfghkjldhlkjhsdlkhgfjkldhgljkhdlkjghkfdjhgkldfhk hskfdljhglkdjshgkljdhgkldfhgkhdflks h hkljsdhgflkhdglkjhdflkghdkflh lkh kh k hlkh jhdlsfhldkghlkfdhgkldhfklghjdkflh hlkfjhglkfdhkjfdhg lk hkdjfgh kldjfshg kjshf kj h kjhdkdhglk hd lkhlk hlk hl kjhkljhdflkghsdlf kjhlkfdjh klj hkljhsdliuhdfkj hkj fhlk dh gkjh kljdh fkj hk jhdlk h kls dlkfjfdhkg ljhdf lkhklj fdhg lkjh dflk jgherughdflkg jhlk jhklfdhkjh dlk hkjh hglkj hfdsjkh kjfdhg jkh dfkjh kjdfh kjh kjh kjhdflkjghdfkjlghkfdj hkld hkjhgkldhfgurdhgufdskhgreughdfgk h dkljfhg eurith dfhgd hgdiuthrhfeoishfuisdghfk freuhgfurhdglkh uihreuhuidhrtdlgh uihrdughudfsrhgirehg ulihdrfuhgludrhgilurdhsg iudh luh u hlkdhgludhstligurhgliurds he Do anyone undastand me

  • Scotty6804

    i love this mod

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruwaid.zamil Ruwaid Zamil

    Stop lying man This is not for 1.4.2 or 1.4.4 or 1.4.5 its for 1.3.2 you copied this man!

  • Joe

    where download

  • Joe

    wow -_- no download.

    • Twizard

      There is, fucktard

  • BluemanPro

    The downloaded zip doesn’t work!!

  • Doctor Awesome 628

    hen I downloaded it wich i did correctly but it didn’t work at all so now i don’t have META-INF!

  • Supercreeper12345


  • TNT

    When I dragged it into minecraft folder it wiped my account!

    • Superwolf123

      It cant wipe your acount you freaking dumbo So sorry for sayin that BUT SERIOUSLY?!

  • Unknown

    This is not for 1,4,6 1.4.5 1.4.4 1.4.2. its only for 1.3.2 guyz

    • PIeco

      Well than wth did when I searched on how to put a mod for minecraft 14.7, this showed up? Huh? Answer that.

      • Anon

        Because this website is designed so that no matter what version number you type in, It’ll be the first result. Just so that you’ll go to this website and they’ll make more money on advertising.

      • rybo bory

        your an idiot
        the internet is not specific, I once entered “Nyan cat, a recipe for ‘nyan’ pie showed up.

    • spinblade117


    • Jack

      how the hell(pardon my language) it is from 1.5.2 i searched minecraft 1.5.2 mods this appear

  • Unknown

    This web sucks

  • ???


  • ???

    Its like the web is lying that this mod is for 1.4.6,1.4.5,1.4.4,1.4.2 MAKE IT THE REAL MOD!!!

    • jaaa

      Hey lol i just did this becose i want da mod

  • SkyDoesMinecraft

    This Mod is only for 1.3.2.

    • thecolemans4

      HI SKY!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • andrew

    i really wanna download it but i have the 1.4.6!

  • sgfd

    I hate this guy now he used to just let us download now he makes us wait a minute or like him on facebook, tweet him and google+ him just for the freaking download do that or wait a whole minute and i’m inpatient so it feels like an hour, all that just for an out of date mod when he says its not out of date

  • Sabre

    Okay, can at some point you make it compatible with Magic Launcher? Otherwise, its pretty darn annoying.

  • Camacaziez

    HELP! I try to download all this stuff and do what the directions say, but none of this stuff makes any sense to me. I don’t know ANYTHING about computers… :(
    I just wanna download a cool mod and have some fun. Can anyone explain this to me in a way I can understand???

  • Camacaziez

    Sigh. I just wanna have fun… is that so much to ask?
    I’ve been to 14 sites all claiming that they can give me this mod, but they either:
    1) have directions I don’t understand
    2) Are outdated or for the wrong mod
    3) are unreliable and download other stuff I don’t want

    If you know a good site, Can explain how to get me through this, or have any suggestions,
    PLEASE tell me!

  • Jagged12345

    Guys Dont download Minecraft Mod Loader ust download Minecraft Forge then Download Min ecraft Shape Shifter Mod Ok

  • looool

    it does not work!!!!!!!!

  • awesome person


  • haikel124

    me 3

  • Unknown


  • bnieman

    wait do you have 1.2.5


    Guys its for 1.3.2 Dont download it. THe modmaker is dumb and won’t update it.

  • FrostFire53

    same here. this mod screwed up my minecraft. i cant play

  • Gonthurian

    if you can’t play or it blacks on you then press option and force update ill get you going again and it does not work for 1.4.7 and that whole like you on Facebook and google stuff is a bit annoying

  • guy

    everyone calm its for 1.2.5

  • manosm2000

    not work

  • manosm2000

    but my minecraft still work : )

  • manosm2000

    but this guy is a #^*&(*&$^)*___&6 ): (
    i m trying all day to find this mod!!!

  • KingEndermanWolf

    maybe its just for 1.4.2 or 1.4.5 ether one it may not be the same version that u have

  • KingEndermanWolf

    i think this is 1.2.5 or something don’t get it if u don’t have 1.2.5 that is an old version

    • Jesus’s Brother

      If it is for forge, I recommend you to get forge for the version of the mod. I don’t fully know where I got all those versions..

  • emma

    wat do u do after you well…download it?

  • BeeCee Jaymyer

    every site I go to always says DOWNLOAD but when you click it it is just a DIFFERENT DOWNLOAD….. RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEEE :( where can we get a mod that actually works.

    • http://www.facebook.com/msonicafa Nicholas B. Moffett

      that’s because you clicked the wrong link. click the link in the yellow box, not the black one.

  • Superwolf123


  • edgaras

    You have to extrackt the files so you can drag them to the minecraft.jar

  • Lucy

    Guys, to get this to work you must update your minecraft! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/vince.aparicio.1 Vince Aparicio

    i installed this properly then my minecraft did not have a black screen and it successfully went in minecraft but when i pressed u it did not work,how come?

    • Jesus’s brother

      … I guess… You should maybe change your version first?

  • Minecraft

    Id download a 1.2.5 minecraft file and turn my minecraft into 1.2.5. Then Id place the mod in the jar.

  • SSP-Official

    pls 1.4.7

  • Pieco

    Ahem. It didn’t work, I wasn’t able to extract the mod into minecraft.jar. THIS WEBSITE LIES! >:O

  • Elisa Huang

    Why does my game black screen even though i deleted META-INF?

  • theobear109

    this mod looks so cool but when i install it my minecraft CRASHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BOOOOOOOOOM lol no but really i would like to know what im doing wrong :)

  • Meepunber

    Can you use Forge with this Mod?

  • Assasin4558

    wich mods is it compatible with

  • CalebYoung1

    This mod is NOT the shapeshifter mod! This is the shapeshifterZ mod!

  • ItsJerryAndHarry

    This mod is only for 1.3.2 guys. Just get Super Fart mod and you’ll be happy.

    • Jesus’s brother

      Ahh.. ItsJerryAndHarry… You two are quite some fun and interesting pepole…

  • nunook99

    does this work with modloader

  • MLG gamer

    well when it freezes have you tried to force update or reinstall it :-] try that it mite work I don’t know how to get mods but I wish and no youtube duz no work at all

  • http://www.facebook.com/msonicafa Nicholas B. Moffett

    I used magic launcher and forgot to delete META_INF and it said the mod got 17 errors or something and then i deleted META_INF and now it says 6 errors and it has a different mod with two items: Shapeshifting bone and shapeshifting ability bone. they work, but don’t change my model and the abilities don’t work. please help.

  • alfie

    why doesnt it work

  • emoya greene

    how do I install this!

  • Awful

    Awful. Doesn’t work, and ruins the rest of your mods. Don’t download. -10/10

    • Jesus’s brother

      YOU are an awful person!

  • Kat278

    when i try to open minecraft jar it says a java exception has occurred help!
    by the way i do have 7 zip.

  • Kat278

    nothing happens when i press u. : /

  • NICK


    • Jesus’s brother

      God hates you…

  • NICK


  • spinblade117

    Did you put it in the right jar?

  • spinblade117

    I made that mistake with the nodus client also

  • TheKN

    Awesome mod people!

    (sky sent me)

  • ratland

    i got a mojang cape lol

  • Callum

    i can’t find minecraft.jar. please can someone help me

    • Jesus’s Brother

      It could aslo be the .minecraft file. Not my concern.

  • deejaygnzlz

    no forge? and no modloader?

  • joeydeguzman2005

    cant download wheres the download button

  • HI

    what happens if you install with forge on because I have forge and I don’t want the mods that I worked hard using on levels to be gone can I install this with forge on my minecraft?

  • Yohanes Nanda

    is this compatible with mod loader, because when i install this i got the Black Screen of death

  • Modaholic

    upgrade this to 1.6.1 please. until that happens I cant download the mod :( .

    • Do people a fawour; stfu

      stfu bitch

      • Jesus’s Brother

        YOU SHUT UP! (I recommend this 2 be upgraded.

  • Francis Dave Montesa

    its not working on magic laucher


    how do u put it on forge

  • hayleyj02

    how do you download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

  • SkythekidRS

    Fake This Is 1.2.5 dont download!



  • melanie

    I can’t believe it my first time downloading as a kid so ya it awesome so yea it might make your screen black or freeze when you have to much mods

  • snake lover

    you need to say how much it is or else people aren’t going to get it. you need to be more specific. and it needs to be 1.6.1

  • Sam


  • SkythekidRS

    if you are sky pruvit

  • dasdsasd