Shadows Cartoon Weapons Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Shadow's cartoon weapon mod is a mod that adds several new types of weapons to the game. The weapons are all based off of weapons from cartoons. Each of the weapons have unique and interesting models in game. They also do a varying amount of damage and have different enchantments preloaded onto the weapon when it is crafted.

It also adds a new kind of ore into the game called power crystal ore, which is used to craft the weapons. The weapons are extremely costly, but the materials that are required to craft the items are greatly varied. So far the names of the items in the game are Finn’s Sword, Grim’s Scythe, Goldion’s Hammer, Tensa Zangetsu, Zabuza’s Sword, Jake’s Sword, and Z Saber. As stated earlier, all of the items have greatly differing recipes. As an example, Zabuza’s Sword requires three obsidian, two sticks, two iron, and one power crystal. By comparison, Grim’s Scythe requires four obsidian, two sticks, and a power crystal. The only common factor between all of the weapons added by the mod the power crystal requirement.

In terms of actual damage, they all do a similar amount. For a point of comparison, most of the weapons do an amount of damage that is similar to that of a diamond sword. It varies based on what enchantments the weapon has though.

Overall, this mod is ideal for people who want new item models in the game or are interested in the particular shows that the items are from.

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