SGS Treasure Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

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While finding the occasional chest within a dungeon is great, there's no challenge when them. This particular mod adds some adventure and rewards to the chests you find by creating different tiers of chest that may require various types of keys to unlock.The SGS Treasure mod for Minecraft adds several different varieties of treasure chest and wishing wells to the game.

Note that connecting one of this mod’s special treasure chests to a normal chest will NOT double the storage space like when you connect two regular chests.

  • Chest Keys This mod will eventually bring you into contact with locked treasure chests. While you may stumble upon some of those keys, you can also craft them.* Iron Keys. These can be found inside unlocked chests and wooden chests. Additionally, you can make a set of four by arranging four iron bars in a backwards L shape on the crafting screen.* Gold Keys. These can be found inside locked chests of any kind. Additionally, they can be crafted in the same way as Iron Keys, but by using gold bars instead of iron ones.* Pirate Key. This can be found inside iron-bound, pirate, or dread pirate chests. Crafting a pirate key requires three bones and a pirate skull.* Skeleton Key. This can be found inside pirate and dread pirate chests. Crafted like a pirate key, but use a dread pirate’s skull instead.

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