Secret Rooms Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.5.2

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Secret rooms mod for Minecraft adds a variety of mysterious blocks that have secret attributes. These blocks allow you to make secret rooms and areas that you require specific information to access. What it Does It adds a surprising amount of unique toys to play with. You can add blocks that look like blocks, but you can actually walk through them.

Other blocks mimic the look of the surrounding environment but have hidden effects. One such block is a type of gate that looks like your usual wall. This wall can be turned on and off by levers that have been strategically placed. One of the blocks also acts as a hidden chest that looks just like the surrounding environment.

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What Makes This InterestingWell, you feel like Indiana Jones. You can pass through huge walls of immense sand and just imagine yourself saying the magical words that open the passage. This mod is great for fortress war type servers because you can hide your valuables from the raiders who would wish to take them. It would also be a neat addition to a castle to have various means to navigate that others may not know about.

The Bottom LineThis mod adds many great features that are sure to impress your friends when you create that secret area of great importance. No longer are you limited to redstone repeaters and various redstone gates to make secret areas. The devious friend could also make beautifully but deadly traps for his or her friends.

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