SDK Guns Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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SDK Guns Mod for Minecraft takes the game of Minecraft to a whole new level by giving the player the ability to craft and use an arsenal of modern military weaponry. By adding the FPS element to the game, this mod effectively transforms Minecraft into what many imaginations try to do in the backyard everyday.

Guns and Ammo

Not only does the mod gives the player access to the basic assault rifle, shotgun, and one-shot pistol, but it also includes some pretty awesome toys like a zoom-able sniper rifle, laser-guided missile launcher, and a laser rifle that can do things like shoot through glass (without breaking it) and set wood ablaze. All of the weapons require ammunition and both guns and ammo need to be crafted.

Enhanced PVP Experience

Access to modern military weapons obviously shifts the balance of power greatly in favor of the player. While this does provide for hours of fun making impossible gauntlet runs or launching explosive missiles at penned up cows, the ultimate gameplay addition comes in the form of enhanced PVP. Now, players are able to transform their worlds into veritable FPS arenas that seem like throw backs to the classics of the 1990’s, except with the bonus of everything being completely destroyable and manipulatable. Minecraft has always required players to be aware of potential traps, but now the player has to prepare for distant snipers, stun grenades, and missiles that can fly around corners or over walls.

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