School Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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School is not known for being, well, fun, but the school mod for Minecraft manages to capture the essence of school while flipping it right on its head. This Minecraft mod creates a school environment fitted with chalk boards, chairs and everything in between, and allows players to explode things and cause mayhem.

Dr. Trayaurus is the main teacher here, and that look of disappointment on his face only makes players want to blow up something even bigger.

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Craft This!

The mod will require a modest amount of crafting mostly around the creation of textbooks. The textbooks remain the core of the mod’s power and excitement. Each respective textbook coincides with a different spell to cause serious destruction. For example, the math textbook is created with a pumpkin and other items. Once players craft a math book, all they need is that item and a TNT stick to create something appropriately explosive.

Educational Purposes Only

The mod also allows players to create summons that come in various mathematical shapes. One is a diamond block that causes a modest explosion, as well as a plus sign that has a mind all its own as it scours the map and chases down enemies. Players can further summon libraries, empty books for further crafting, and potions through science and biology textbooks. Players can even craft zombies for dissection, which is about as ridiculous as it sounds. Limitless opportunities are there for players to summon absurd creatures, cavemen, and attacks by creating textbooks in all major class topics.

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