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Rotten Flesh to Leather Hardcore Mod

Download available for: 1.4.7

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Taking rotten flesh and making it into leather can pretty much sum up the entire rotten flesh to leather hardcore mod for Minecraft. The hardcore is because, you have to be hard core to get rotten flesh then wear it.

To obtain the rotten flesh you must first go out into the dark and start Zombie hunting. remember you want an Iron, Gold, or Even Diamond Sword. You can kill Zombies with anything even your hand, but you need to be prepared and able to kill them fast without dying.

Things You Need To Make This Mod Work:

  • Rotten Flesh
  • Furnace

Once you have gone Zombie hunting and killed them to obtain your rotten flesh its time to get cooking. (Hint: If you come out as the sun is coming up, Zombies will catch fire and leave rotten flesh you can gather.) Yes, literally time to cook the rotten flesh in the furnace. The rotten flesh to leather hardcore mod is truly that easy to use.

Place the rotten flesh in the top slot on your furnace just like you would pork chops or even cactus and wait. It goes rather fast and the ending result is leather that you can do anything with just as if you killed a cow for it.

If you can make it out of cow leather, well you can make it out of the rotten flesh leather just as easy. Plus this is a great modification if your running low on cows. You can kill Zombies without hurting your milk source.

Download Page for Rotten Flesh to Leather Hardcore Mod

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