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Risugami’s ModLoader for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

Download Page for Risugami’s ModLoader

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Risugami’s ModLoader for MineCraft is a mods manager that clears up problems and allows mods to be turned on and off easily. Almost all of the fun mods will not run without ModLoader installed.

Mods alter different features for MineCraft. Some change recipes or allow the worlds to be created in a completely different way. Not all of these mods play nice with each other though. ModLoader for MineCraft lets all the mods coexist in perfect harmony so MineCraft can be played without glitches or interruptions.

There are many mods out there for MineCraft that make the game much more fun. With mods, elemental arrows are possible. Saddles and doors can stack within your inventory like other items. The player’s items can even be saved upon death, making it a lot easier to continue playing.

One mod in particular that requires ModLoader for MineCraft is Recipe Book. This mod allows you to create a book inside the game that, when used, brings up a list of all the item recipes in the game. Recipe Book does not run without ModLoader for MineCraft, and makes playing the game a lot easier.

Biosphere is another mod that makes playing MineCraft even more interesting. The different areas are created within glass spheres with bridges connecting them. This mod makes the game more difficult in a fun and exciting way. Again, this is mod does not run without ModLoader.

ModLoader for MineCraft is the perfect tool to make your MineCraft games even more fun. There are many different ways to mod MineCraft. ModeLoader will make sure the ones chosen will work perfectly.

How to download & install:

  1. Download Modloader for Minecraft
  2. Press start.
  3. Press run.
  4. Type %appdata% into the space provided.
  5. Open .minecraft
  6. Then bins.
  7. Then open minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  8. Drag the contents of Modloader into the minecraft.jar that is opened by winrar.
  9. Play!

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Download Page for Risugami’s ModLoader
  • Dah Dick


  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.hailes Nick Hailstone Hailes

    were is the download button

  • Joel

    wtf where i download

  • LWILL1

    I have ModLoader but when i try 2 play it comes up with a crash screen ModLoader

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Laig;

  • LWILL1

    And, Look at the bottom of the page…..

  • jadl

    where is the download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Myanex

      Look under the box just above the comment section that reads ”
      Download Risugami’s ModLoader for MineCraft :” it is at this link!

  • Ranger4132

    Man you guys are retards

  • ermik

    wheres the download

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002306482512 Eric Teale

    there is a link below the instructions called Download-Page for Risugami’s ModLoader follow it like the page on Facebook or twitter then download the modloader

  • Alex

    wtf when i open minecraft the screen becomes all black and i cant see. It might be possibe that it dint work because i dont really have the real minecraft i have fake

  • Alex

    whenever i put the mod loader files into minecraft.jar my minecraft crashes and i had to delete the jat and then update minecraft again

  • Myanex

    When I downloaded it and ran Minecraft I got a black screen where the Mojang logo should be loading up, whats going on?

    • ALiu

      delete the Meta-INf folder in the .bin.

    • ardinros

      you have to delete META inf first ( in minecraft. jar in winRAR)

    • Unknown Person

      either u didnt delete META-INF or you just installed a mod that is only compatible with forge

      • Darrell

        no after i delete META-INF the screen was still black

  • isak

    where can i download??????……………..

  • leeinaustin

    is this mod loader, safe?

  • SupercraftFourms

    The download comeing,But cant work become this do black screen

  • FizzleMoose

    Gotta do everything around here… just look at the attached pic…

  • Anonymous Crafter

    What do I do if it will only open in a .zip?

  • minecraft

    hoi doei

  • SupercraftFourms

    Plase this in mods foilder,No in minecraft.jar

  • jnickib

    I know. The same thing happen to me. It’s annoying. Really sucks when the thing you want doesn’t work -_-

  • Gustavo

    I made everything, the only problem is that my mods Build Craft and Red Power don’t works, only the Spawner GUI one works! Any problem?!

  • haseo9568

    how do i use this for a server?

  • 201e

    it crashes my game i deleted meta.inf and done everything in the instructions but it shows an error report after the mojang logo

  • viggi223

    nice i say nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/rome.bautista.5 Rome Bautista

    it became a black screen

  • bailey

    is this for 1.4.7

  • Mike

    virus alert when extracting the archive-…!

  • kj

    hi guy sup?

  • kj


  • Laotch

    try updating the mod for once asshole we all get a black screen every time we install this

  • ChrisShadowZA

    This sucks!! I did everything right and then it deleted my backup meta-inf folder!!!!

  • ChrisShadowZA

    Man I realy hate this I still cant play minecraft becuase of the modloader!!!

  • ChrisShadowZA

    It ******* still does not work!!!

  • bob

    how do i run it

  • Zane

    make sure to delete META-INF

  • vlad14zy

    good post

  • blahblah

    I get a screen that says “done loading” with a progress bar under it. What have I done wrong???

  • Herr_Streudel

    so, if i don’t tell the world that i’m using this modloader, i can’t download it? lame.

  • Dennis Jørgensen

    Is this for 1.5.1? I get a black screen..

    • darrell

      i don’t know. when i install it i get a black screen too at 1.5.1

  • lukeoxcollins

    i dont know how to get the mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • havardur

    where is the download button

  • Miama Lelyo

    When I launch MC, I have a black screen instead of “Mojang” and the game doesn’t work.
    I’ve installed Forge (w/ FML, CodeChicken Core) and Not Enough Items.

  • CooperTheCreeper

    When I updated my minecraft to 1.5.2, all the mods were deleted. After searching through the web, i found plenty of modloader pages, all saying that it was still compatible with 1.5.2. However, after downloading it again, and after installing it, when I opened minecraft, I got the dreaded BlackScreen. I know how to install mods correctly, and i did it the exact same way that i did it last time, when it worked. Anybody know what is wrong and what i can do against it?




    NOOB GAY FUCK YOU MAKER~!!!!!!!!!!!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

  • Haze

    I dont have META-INF in minecraft 1.4.7 but after i’ve installed that mod i have error: Bad Login. I’ve followed the instructions but nothing works. Help plz.

  • Starkman123