Retractable Ladders Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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Mincecraft is a game that encourages players to think in three dimensions. Their builds can tower into the sky or sink well below the dirt surface, while sprawling in any primary direction. Because of this, there is a need to be able to access parts of a structure in these extreme altitudes.

The Retractable Ladder mod allows for just this type of construction.

The play will craft machines that are activated by redstone power sources, such as redstone torches or any of the various switches and levers in the game. Once placed in an optimal location, the player can build rope ladders to fill this machine with. The ladder will descend on activation to a depth equaling however many items were placed inside. If you wish your ladder to descend 64 blocks, you will need to fill the machine with 64 rope ladder items.

The rope ladders are easily customizable, as well. Using vines for the rope, the rungs can be switched out with any of the various types of wood planks, or iron ingots, for a specific appearance. One of the best features of these items is that, unlike the standard ladders in the game, rope ladders do not have to be placed on a block. This greatly expands a player’s options for vertically accessing their structures.

The Retractable Ladder mod for Minecraft is a fun way to give players more freedom of motion while enhancing the crafting aspect of the game.

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