REI’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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REI’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft allows you to place a useful minimap on your screen with options and settings that allow for many customization options. The minimap shows your current location and can be used to set waypoints. One thing that stands out is that the mod has a co-ordinate and compass feature with useful numbers written under or above the minimap.

These numbers will allow you to keep track of important parts of the map and can be used to find your way to teammates or buildings. The height is also shown in the co-ordinates, extremely useful in a game that allows you to build underground or on top of mountains.

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There are many settings in the main menu that allow you to tweak settings and customize the minimap. You can change the shape of the map by choosing between a square and circle main body. It is also possible to disable terrain to give the map a smoother look. You can choose where the minimap will be drawn on your screen. There is a very useful death point option which helps you locate your body and gear if you happen to get hunted down by a creeper. You can change the zoom settings if you prefer to have the map show more or less of the area. Transparency can be tweaked to make it less noticeable or turned off completely to make it stand out. Changing the font scaling and co-ordinates display type is also very simple and finding the right setting will make things easier to follow.

I have often found myself lost in my own worlds, forgetting to put down markers to find my way. Other times I died carelessly and found myself searching for my death point because I had important items on me. REI’s Minimap Mod is very helpful for someone like me. The only downside is that sometimes the minimap mod does not work with other mods. If you find this happening, thankfully the mod allows itself to be disabled in the menu options easily enough. This mod is highly recommended for any and all Minecraft players and will only to enhance overall gameplay.

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