RedPower 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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When Minecraft was originally released, it featured an item called "redstone". Once mined, this material could be used to build wiring between switches, doors, pressure plates and other mechanisms. The Redpower 2 Mod for Minecraft expands upon these capabilities and makes players able to build large and complex machines and even electronics.

It is already in wide use within the Minecraft community and has been used to create fascinating devices by such famed players as Chili Con Carnage, Invis45 and EastBorn.

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The Redpower 2 Mod for Minecraft expands the uses of redstone by allowing for players to design intricate electrical circuits. Devices that simulate transistors, diodes and other small electronic parts can be placed, allowing for much easier assembly of redstone wiring. The systems that players can design could be as simple as switches that open doors based on a timer or as complex as an LED segment readout that can be read for thousands of feet. It is even possible to build calculators, simple microprocessors and other intricate electronic entities. Players have even used the Redpower 2 Mod for Minecraft to build a miniature game of pong that players can fluidly interact with.

Because it alters the basic programming and operation of Minecraft objects, it is necessary for the modification to be installed on the server. For proper effect, players should also install the modification on the client side. After this is done, they will be able to collaboratively construct fancy circuits to perform nearly any task imaginable.

I’d strongly encourage any Minecraft fan with even a slight interest in electrical theory to give the Redpower 2 Mod for Minecraft a shot. It allows for easy experimenting with circuits in a virtual space, and brings a whole new dimension to the creative nature of Minecraft.

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