Realistic Survival Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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While being able to do a multitude of activities fast and easy in Minecraft can be fun, the Realistic Survival Mod can make things fun in a different way- by making things more challenging. One is forced to play more strategically and to be better prepared. Survival Becomes Harder Unrealistic aspects like punching out trees are eliminated so that you get a feel for a real-life survival experience.

Thinking ahead and moving in sequence become crucial. There are many ways to “die,” and the timer is ticking on them all.

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  • You could die of hunger.
  • You could dehydrate.
  • You could run out of energy.

Everything is More Challenging

Since you begin as just “a man with a rock,” instead of with more advanced tools, everything you attempt will be more difficult early in the game.

One major example of the challenge involved is hunting. The animals are all smarter and flee from you when they see you coming. You have to use energy to chase them down for food, or you will perish. To conserve energy and not starve, you must get better tools. Some steps you may take in getting a hunting bow, for instance, would be:

  • Chase down a chicken to get a feather for an arrow.
  • Grab enough grass to eventually get some cords.
  • Get enough cords to make string.
  • Grab some sticks.

Once you have it all together, you can craft your bow and arrow and hunt with greater ease. This illustrates the kind of planning and strategy that the Realistic Survival Mod for Minecraft requires.

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