Realism Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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The realism mod for Minecraft is the special type of mod that makes things far more challenging and exploits new parts of Minecraft’s gameplay. It removes actions that are not grounded in reality and makes crafting more intimate and realistic. Break down the side of a mountain. Not possible. Punch down a tree.

Not possible. Punch down a tree. Not possible. These are all things players take for granted in a traditional Minecraft playthrough, and these are all actions removed from this mod. Yet this creates a challenging and thought provoking environment where players are finding ways to battle night time enemies and build their world while retaining a semblance of reality. It offers an intriguing richness to the game that few players readily experience.

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An Epic Challenge

The resources are harder to come by simply because digging for resources is hard less accessible. It forces players to do more with less, and find new cavets of exploration in the game. For example, a bed requires the crafting of planks, a slab, cloth, and a threader. In traditional Minecraft fashion, plowing down a sheep or two will get the job done- something that is not particularly realistic. This is just one way the realism mod expands on the foundations of Minecraft and makes for a far more realistic challenge.

This mod is perfect for players that want to really stress the ‘survival’ aspects of Minecraft’s survival mode. It removes any activity that cannot typically be accomplished in reality, and offers swathes of real tools for challenging and grounded crafting.

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