R3D.CRAFT Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

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The r3d Craft Texture pack is somewhat strangely named, in that you would assume since it has craft in it's name that it relates to crafting. Nope, that's just not the case. In fact, it's just a pure texture mod that effects nearly everything in the existing in-game world. The mod has two different primary modes, normal and smooth.

Choosing either will improve the three dimensionality and realism of all textures within a world. For instance, the blocks will gain a gritty, grainy texture and the shading will be redone in such a fashion that they will look more three dimensional.

The smooth mode does all of the same things, only without the gritty, grainy look, which lends more realism and, “heft,” to the objects in your world. It will also add more flavor to the inherent texturing by increasing the pixels of the blocks and making them far more detailed than previously. Wood will seem to have a more pronounced roughness, stone blocks will look smooth and weather ground, bedrock and gravel will look even more gritty and solid than before. Colors will also become more pronounced which makes the mountains (which were admittedly, a little bland before) look sweet and much more, well rocky and mountainous. So if this sounds interesting try giving it a spin.

What the mod doesn’t change

The mod will affect all base surface textures of the world but will not change the textures of NPC’s or monsters, such as witches, creepers or spiders. Neither will the mod change NPC or enemy AI – it is purely a textural and aesthetic change up.

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