Primitive Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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The Primitive Mob Mod for Minecraft adds new mobs that are variations of the mobs that belong to the Vanilla game. This mod includes new features that enhance the game while avoiding an overbearing feeling. The mobs in the Primitive Mobs Mod include The Haunted Tool, Merchants, mimics, treasure slims, mother spider, baby spider, rocket creepers, festive creepers, support creepers, and brain slimes.

Naturally, the stronger the material the stronger the tool.Merchants appear underground and will shadow the player while crying for help. You can either bring him back to the surface and receive an award or leave him there to die.Mimics appear to be normal chests, but have a 75% chance to attack you instead of giving you a reward.Treasure Slims drop random items when defeated and appear in various colors.Mother spiders spawn up to six baby spiders and can be very aggressive.Baby spiders, however, don’t attack unless they are attacked or their mother is attacked.Rocket Creepers leap into the air and explode on impact, and are generally hard to dodge.Festive Creepers toss TNT at the player when far away. When the player approaches, the creeper flees with a trail of fire from its path.Support Creepers follow mobs around with potions and follow creepers around to supply them with lightning bolts. Players receive a slowness potion.Brain Slimes attack the players head by leaping on it.

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