Power Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Powercraft mod for Minecraft is a creative new way to add industrial properties to Minecraft. It is innovative and creative, leaving it an exciting new addition to the game The first thing about this new mod is that it adds many unique new components such as automatic items, detectors, and machines.

It adds worldly culture to a much used game, adding on to the limitless things it can do.

What The PC Mod Does

Talking about the limitless properties, let’s explain some of the PC Mod’s features. One feature of this mod is the automatic machines. These allow you to create and use objects in a shorter time frame than you would usually need. There are certain transports such as conveyor belts, elevators and teleporters.

These make moving yourself and objects a lot easier, enhancing the fun qualities of the game.

What adds even more fun to the features of Minecraft, this mod has technology as well, the certain technology it has is more modern, with mobile mining, fishing, and milking machines, increasing the fun factor of the game. More machines are the Harvesting, Cooking, and Brewing machines. Another quality of this mod is the wireless Redstone Radios, and motion sensors. This expansion also includes the advanced Redstone circuitry and logic gates. All of these give a more advanced and rapidly timed addition to the game, furthermore improving the bases of it.

Other Aspects

Other aspects of this mod are the special dusts, which activate the machines mentioned above. There are Power Crystals, You get 24 power dusts from one power crystal. This makes it more realistic, and interesting to gather. Another piece of the Power Crystal is that they help fuel machines for twice as long as regular fuel. Power crystals also give you the ability to change text on signs, and edit what monster spawners spawn, and picking up storage items such as chests without breaking them. This makes this mod a lot more convenient.

There is also an ‘Ore sniffer’ This Ore Sniffer is the Minecraft equivalent to a metal detector, and it detects ores by scanning blocks, adding on to the unique fun and convenience of this mod. There are also new lighting sources, and more customizable prospects located with this mod.

In total, this mod makes Minecraft fun, modern and convenient. It adds on to the mobility and easy sourcing, and create a new balance of machines and items, the only con to this modification is that the number of recipes may be hard to memorize. However, with a good memory and practice, memorizing the recipes will be easy work for you. Therefore, with this mod, your game will be sure not to fail!

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