Portal Gun Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The popular title Minecraft now has a mod that can teleport your player through any and all terrain, an all accessible unanimously fantastic portal gun. Usr the Portal gun from the hit Valve franchise 'Portal' to warp across the field and gain more ground in exploring, destroying, and utilizing the world around you.

‘Portal’ was released as an add-on to their popular Half-Life series, in the productive release ‘The Orange Box.’ Shortly after, the game gained fan fervor and critical acclaim as an unprecedented original title. The success caught Valve off guard, and they spent extended time growing the concept and crafting the best possible title in ‘Portal 2.’ With the addition of many more levels, the franchise succeeded brilliantly and tapped into the public consciousness.

Minecraft’s successful trajectory earned it an extensive following. These two worlds merged for one of the most downloaded and game-altering mods in the history of the title. The portal gun mod installer for Minecraft finds you teleporting with ease. A player shoots their portal gun, releasing an orange or blue hole. They then shoot another portal at another location. When a player enters one portal, they immediately exit out the position where the other portal was placed. The portals alternate between blue and orange for easy following. The portal gun mod installer for Minecraft works exactly the same, though the mod itself is less clean than where the concept originally originated.

The portal gun is obviously a total blast to use, and enhances the gameplay of Minecraft on a purely entertaining level. It is great to watch players scale entire regions instantly. Keep in mind, all the same tricks apply as in ‘Portal,’ and the very idea of portal holes opens the door to experimental strategies that go far and beyond actually accomplishing anything productive in Minecraft itself.

Of course, a player can productively scale out of dungeons with ease, by shooting their second portal in a high region. Players can also shoot portals as they exit another, opening the door for a myriad of options moving forward.

‘Portal’ quickly excelled as one of the most popular titles upon its release, and its concept has deservedly spread far, and gained the franchise a loyal following. fans welcome the use of the portal gun in Minecraft.

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