Portal Gates Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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The portal gates mod for Minecraft is one of the most used mods to date, because of just how useful it is, while remaining simple and easy to use. A lot of people don't like how much roaming is involved with the game, which is why a lot refuse to play it.

Luckily, with the use of mods in general, people can tune the gameplay to reflect them as a person vs. what the developers had in mind. What’s even better is that the mods in Minecraft are actually supported by the developers, because they like seeing the different directions the game can be taken in, without doing it themselves.

The portal gates mod allows players to craft portals and place them throughout their world, which makes traveling by foot a thing of the past. You set down two portals, and whichever you go through, you will be teleported to the opposite one. This is great for if you have a far down mineshaft that you don’t want to have to build a cart for, want to get through different parts of the nether quickly, or are just sick and tired of walking to your farming spot every single time you need something.

Being able to use this modification also opens up a ton of different possibilities. For instance, some players have found a way to put the portals one in front of the other, and make a rocket of source. This was discovered rather quickly, (because it’s general portal knowhow in just about any game), and has been used to explore different parts of the map. The best part about this? You can get back by just placing the portal that you destroyed to launch off on the ground. Can you say awesome?

The portal gates mod for minecraft is actually one of the more useful and not so ‘gamechanging’ modifications that you can install. If you think about it, minecraft already has a portal to the nether, and the game is basically based off of an all fictional sandbox world. There are a lot of modifications that definitely change the game, (some in more visual appearances, while some drastically tweak the gameplay), and a lot of people have a tendency to stay away from these modifications. What is really easy to do is destroy the game by having too many mods, and a lot of people have actually lost their worlds before due to over-installing.

The best part about the portal gates mod? It’s so easy to use! A lot of people are so confused by mods, from how to install them to how to actually use them. Luckily, the mod doesn’t interfere with anything else in the game, is so well designed that it will not mess up the creature interface, and won’t even mess up the spawning of blocks or placing of them. There are also a lot of different portal settings that you can change in the mod itself, with a range of different, unique effects you can add to your portals. Customization is a huge deal that is being lost as of recent in the plethora of mods, but portal gates delivers! So quit reading and start using a revolutionary new way to travel your vast world of blocky goodness!

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