PokeCraft Pokemon Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Pokecraft mod differs slightly from the previous Pokecube mod in that there are different features associated with the game as well as different characters. The original Pokecube focused on the player attempting to find, battle and catch various Pokemon characters. The Pokecube characters also possess the ability to battle the player with a variety of techniques and abilities.

Upon catching the Pokemons, the player may then set them against other Pokemon in battle.

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Pokecraft Pokemon Gameplay

The Pokecraft mod differs in that characters are replaced by other characters as well as items are swapped out for others. For example, pumpkins within the Pokecraft world are swapped out and replaced with the Electrode Pokemon character and Pokeballs are swapped out for treasure chests instead. Other changes include the Pokemon character Electabuzz is transformed into zombie characters, Cacnea are swapped out for cactus, Mareep are swapped for sheep and many other swap changes are made also. While this may seem like an awkward game mode, it actually presents quite a gameplay challenge for the player.

Pokecraft Pokemon Features

There are also other benefits of the Pokecraft mod for players as well including other items that are included into the Pokecraft mod such as Netherbrick, Cauldrons and others. The mobs in this mod are made of Pokemon characters including Mareep, Miltank, Slowpoke, Tentacool and many others. Also Pokemon items from the Pokemon games may be used in Minecraft for Minecraft game effects. Such Pokemon items that may be used in Minecraft for Minecraft effects include full heals, dyes, shears, razor claw, big and tiny mushrooms and the poffin item is used as cakes in lieu of it’s normal behavior. Other features of this mod include custom coded sprites, a redone Pokemon user interface with Pokemon menus for the full Pokemon feel and also a Pokeball cross hair for the player to aim with. Besides these many features, there are also multiple other Pokemon creatures and items that have been included in this mod and swapped for other items.

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