OpenBlocks Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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Openblocks mod for minecraft opens the door to added toys and exciting new items that will bring enhanced fun to the basic game. While there is not a real theme in this mod it still remains to be an extraordinary collection of tools to enhance your gaming experience. In this unique collection the minecraft world will be provided with colorful paints for a different look along with other helpful blocks to create enjoyable moments of game play.

Using this mod a player has the ability to spice up their ordinary world while extending their moments of amusements.

How it Originated

To keep the creation process fresh and new the creators of openblocks mod brought together a mod to add interesting items. The concept was to provide the things that any lacking minecraft game whether it is modded or basic (vanilla). In that desire the creators developed this openblocks mod to liven up what could be a dull world through bright colors and added toys.

Potential Specialities

  • graves
  • paints
  • cranes
  • liquid XP
  • trophies
  • elevators
  • hang gliders
  • graves
  • tanks
  • paints
  • cartographers

Mod Results

Enable your minecraft world to expand to a colorful extravaganza of game play with a unique form of liquid XP. Taking those new toys that are offered and coupling them with a painting platform to change the colors of certain blocks in your world. Use the openblocks version of a mod for a bright new experience.

Downloads for OpenBlocks Mod 1.6.4

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