Nuke TNT Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.4.7

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The mod offers you six new explosives that allows players to add more punch to the game. If you are a Minecraft gamer, then you have probably created a wonderful place to protect yourself at night. You might have slain many an enemy in the underworld and have become bored.

That is where Minecraft mods come into play. They are fun and offer a release of hostility that just feels good. If this applies to you, then read on.

What You Get

The Nuke TNT Mod for Minecraft gives you many fun forms of explosion. Each ones offers a unique punch for their use. Here are some of the details of what you get with this fun mod for Minecraft.

– The Nuke– The Super Nuke– The Firebomb– The Waterbomb– The Grenade– The Heavy Grenade

The nuke brings a punch that is six times better than the TNT explosions in the base game. It destroys any enemy that comes up against you as well. It’s also fun for anyone that enjoys that extra punch.

The Super Nuke

If you find something or someone in the game that you don’t like, then you can simply eliminate them with the Super Nuke. Like The Nuke, it eliminates the enemy in Minecraft. There is an added punch that is 22.5 times greater than The Nuke.

The Fire Bomb

The Fire Bomb is just for the pure fun of the experience. When used, the target dies three times. The first death makes the target burn to death. The second one causes the target to implode. The third causes the spontaneous appearance of lava that kills them. Basically, it’s all about dying by fire.

The Water Bomb

The Water Bomb delivers a bomb that kills the target by drowning.

The Grenade

Most people know what a grenade is. You can throw it and the target dies in a dramatic way.

The Heavy Grenade

This one delivers four times the punch of the regular grenade. The only drawback is the fact that it does not bounce.

This mod is fun and gives your game a lot of explosive power for defending yourself. It is also great for those gamers that like to play with explosives in a safe and legal manner. Enjoy it and add that extra explosive power to defense or attack in your Minecraft game.

Downloads for Nuke TNT Mod 1.6.4, 1.4.7

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