Nuke Minecraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Been playing Minecraft for awhile but felt it was missing enough explosions of wanton destruction? Well, then you are in luck because the Nuke Minecraft Mod is here to help with all of your Bond villain related misdeeds. The Nuke Minecraft mod, also called the Rival Rebels mod, will give you more than just nuclear bombs, it will also give you lasers, a barrage of explosives as well as rocket launched projectiles!

However, the recipes for the controllers you need to summon a stealth bomber are exceedingly complicated but are all listed on the Minecraft mod website. Once you have everything built your control device, which is essentially a laptop, must be opened. Once opened you must insert three nuclear rods into the upper three niches of the control screen and then insert a nuke itself. After that you are ready for destruction! Make sure that you are ware that stealth bombers can be destroyed, so be awry in multi-player.

There is also a sedentary nuke which is also quite hard to make; these come in two different sizes. The largest of which creates a area of destruction that rivals the volcano in the weather alteration mod!

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