Not Just About Boobs Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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We've all seen skin packs come out for games, they give characters a more personal feel and tailor them to your style. Some games became notorious for their mods which came out a little more 'adult' than others (We're looking at you Sims) whilst others go in to the realms of fantasy.

Gone are those blocks, to be replaced with curves, muscles and of course, bouncing.

What Does this Mod Actually Do?

The Not Just About Boobs mod name is surprisingly accurate. Yes, you can give your characters boobs. But it actually recreates the model for Minecraft, and gives characters more humanoid curved shapes. Round heads, muscles, and shaped bodies are now thrown in to the mix, something that before was only possible by playing with optical illusions.

Here’s the breakdown of what you get!

  • More natural body shapes
  • Customization of body shapes
  • Female character models
  • Physics (breathing, bouncing and more)
  • Female zombies!
  • Multi-player server support

In-game Review

Creating the look is fairly easy to do, though it is done by text editor, so not quite as easy as most RPGs. Once you have your design set up it appears in game (there is multi-player support) as the still rather pixelated character of your dreams!

There are already skins appearing for this mod that fit a little better than default Minecraft skins, although most Minecraft skins DO still work. But as with the previous skins, it’s easy to create new ones for this mod!

Though this mod might feel a little unnecessary to most seasoned Minecraft players it does add a little fun and creativity to you server.

Downloads for Not Just About Boobs Mod 1.5.1

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