Nether Cows Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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With the Nether Cows mod, a player can enter an obsidian portal to slay mobs for a chance to collect the Nether Cow egg. Dropping from zombie pig-men at a rate of %5, and a %25 chance of dropping from Ghasts, these eggs spawn the Nether Cow. What a Terrifying Bovine!

They have zombified, wrinkly flesh and stare at you with pupil-less eyes. Resembling their MooShroom cousins, these cows have Nether Wart growing on their back which can be sheared to drop the item. They are immune to fire and will wander around ablaze, to the horror of all who happen to see them.

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Creepy Cow Characteristics

Like other friendly mobs, the Nether Cow can be bred. Using Nether Quartz, calves will be born lacking the wart-growths of the adult models. They also will drop leather and beef items, making them a convenient source of food in the otherwise barren Nether. Instead of giving milk, these cows can give potions of invisibility or fire resistance if the player right clicks on them with a filled glass jar.

He Who Moos at Midnight

Perhaps the most immediately beneficial feature in the Nether Cows Mod for Minecraft is that these bovines will cause Nether Wart to grow instantly if they wander over a patch of Soul Sand. This plant is normally excruciatingly slow to sprout, making this a fantastic tool for those willing to farm the furnace-like world of the Nether.

This is a great addition to Minecraft which builds on the usefulness of the Nether and lends a creepy aura of fun to an already great game.

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