Natural Disasters Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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The Natural Disasters Mod for Minecraft, also known as the Nature Reborn Mod, is a add on to the existing game which alters the weather, generally, in a rather disruptive and chaotic way. So if you like Minecraft but yearn for more destruction then the natural disasters mod is certainly for you!

So if you want to witness all the carnage of the climate yourself pop open the tools menu and access the item called the disaster spawner. This handy but rather uncreatively named developer tool will allow the player character to right click into the air to spawn four different types of naturally occurring disasters. These are the, volcano, the meteorite, the earthquake and the sinkhole.

Effects of the Various Disasters Within Your World

The Sinkhole, when spawned, will, surprise, surprise, cause a large hole to start forming in the ground where you right clicked. The pit will suck everything, including lava and water down into it, so be wary (you don’t want to spawn one of these in your much belabored castle). The sinkhole’s dimensions are variable so sometimes they will be moderately sized and other times they will be enormous – it’s all random.

The Earthquake is a bit strange as it doesn’t actually generate a earthquake at all but rather a enormous ravine, the depth of which, like the previous disaster, varies.

The Meteor is perhaps the most useful of the disasters as the meteor itself can be mined for obsidian and, at the core, diamonds!

Lastly, we have the volcano which is both the largest disaster and the most time consuming to create. The volcano can be mined for stone and obsidian and will create spiky mountain filled with lava, so be careful where you step!

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