Natura Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The world of Minecraft is truly limitless, and that is expounded upon in the Natura mod. It personifies the very wonder of the game in a natural way. The mod offers you a series of building blocks to create some truly astounding natural creations. Your main sources of food are in two categories- animal meat and plant food.

Fortunately, your early game is dominated by establishing some rich sources for food. Where most players seek out pigs and cows and save meat, some opt for the healthier root by planting berries. This mod gives you a slew of new berries to work with. The main food source here is in berries. The full roster includes the maloberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Though they sound unnecessary, these self-replicating food sources are treasures for those who do not want to be held down hunting food constantly. It is a neat change of pace in a game that may have relied too heavily on food hunting pre-mod installation. You can also make neat little fruits and foods with the various additions. The most interesting are the saguaro fruit and cactus juice, but they are just two of many new additions featured in the mod. Your vegetable options rival the most accomplished garden. Among some staples in vegetation, included in the mod are cotton, barley, carrots, wheat, and potatoes. All these help round out the flavorful delights and fun you can have with the organic nature of the mod.

The real juice of the mod is in the tree variations. This includes Redwood, Sulfur, and Bloodplanks. All these go into making some of the most alluring and ridiculous tree varieties. They stray away from the traditional green and brown varieties which seem to have plagued the game a bit. The color palette alone is worth the download, as it enriches the environment with white, purple, blue, and even multi-colored tree varieties.

Some key features often forgotten in this mod are the inclusions in the nether world. Those interested in the game and even fans often ignore the nether world is a not so interesting alteration to the traditional game environment. But many mods and gameplays can be explored in the nether world. This mod adds new features to this environment. On the top ‘Earth-like” surface you have clouds which you can jump on and dismantle if you so choose. In the nether world, you commonly come across nether clouds. This transparent gas clouds seem to slow down time as you jump through them, acting as a slightly transparent cloud-like surface. The nether world also includes completely fire-proof trees.

When you add all the components of this mod together, you have a very different experience for the game. With a stringer focus on large fruit-bearing trees, and expansive and eccentric gardens of fruits and vegetables, you have a game dynamic that is intriguing and fresh.

The most immediate staple of the mod is the massive pair of trees which reside right in the middle. They are like no other, and you can build forts, homes, and entire worlds within the trees belly. It is a truly astonishing accomplishment. Even if you do not spend a long time in the mod or use it on a practical level in expanding your game, it is worth it to explore the tree and fly about its deeply entrenched roots and ceiling-shattering heights.

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