Myths and Monsters Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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The myth and monsters mod for Minecraft adds in many new monsters and several new items and item recipes to the game. The mod is considered an overall difficulty increase to the game because of the new monsters that are added to the game through it. What Does This Mod Add To Minecraft?

There are no bosses added into the game with this mod, but a lot of the mobs added can be considered as difficult as bosses.

The new mobs fall into two categories, which are peaceful and aggressive. Three peaceful mobs that will attack you back when attacked are celestial ursas, golden rams, and fairies. When you attack one fairy, other nearby fairies will become aggressive. Celestial ursas can only be found at night and will give you a night vision buff if you get near it. There are two new passive mobs that will not attack even if initially attacked, which are called wolpertingers and jackalopes.

The new aggressive mobs are sand wyrms, dendroids, dendroid elders, void ursas, and cestuses. It’s important to know that all of these new mobs besides the wolpentingers and jackalopes are extremely dangerous and have a lot of health. Sand wyrms are found in desert biomes and move through sand and attack by lunging through the air. Dendroids shoot sticks at you and either spawn in pairs or individually. Elder dendroids don’t spawn naturally but can be found throughout the world. Regular dendroids split off of elder dendroids periodically while fighting them. Cestuses can only be found underwater and latch onto your head if you go deep into the water. Finally, void ursas blind you at close range and are only found during the night.

This mod is ideal for players who want additional difficulty or new mobs from Minecraft. It’s also a good choice for players who want a few new rewards for killing strong mobs.

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