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MystCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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We’ve all felt kind of bored by the current choices for instant transportation in Minecraft – nether portals are great, but they lead to a hellish world that no one in their right mind would want to visit. What if you could transport yourself to a bevy of new worlds and dimensions quickly and easily, and even better yet, pay homage to one of the most important games in PC game history – This is what Mystcraft allows you to do.

A Mod Throwback

For anyone who is already acquainted with the Myst series, the concept will be rather familiar. Mystcraft allows players to create a set of “link books” that connect to different worlds, each of which have an especially created biome. Some of these biomes already exist in vanilla Minecraft, but many of them are brand new, and include, but are not limited to:

  • Beach
  • Desert
  • Extreme Hills
  • Sky
  • Taiga
  • Ice Mountains

Dangers of Linking

Of course, Minecraft isn’t really anything without at least some slight risk, and the Mystcraft mod for Minecraft delivers risk in spades. Every time that you venture out into one of these new worlds created by a linking book, officially known as “ages”, you absolutely must have a book ready and in your inventory to return to the last age you were in. Just like in the actual Myst games, you can become lost in an age, trapped there forever until you find a rift or escape into yet another ages, sending you down an endless rabbit hole of different dimensions.

Better than Biomes

You might be wondering how exactly these ages are different from the biomes already in the game, and its a actually quite simple. In vanilla Minecraft, each biome has to gradually lead into the next, meaning that you very rarely see drastic changes in the transitions between biomes, leading to wasted space inside of each biomes. With these ages, there is no wasted space at all, using the entire available biome space for appropriate terrain.

With Great Features Comes Great Requirements

All of these new features come at a price, though. While the ability to teleport around between endless numbers of ages all day is fantastic, it comes at the cost of huge amounts of memory. Indeed, the server needs to be tweaked in order to use more memory, and the client absolutely must be the 64-bit version. While some computers won’t be able to run this, most will, and those people will be able to enjoy Mystcraft at the highest level possible.

How to download & install:

  1. Download Modloader (delete meta-inf from the minecraft.jar that is opened by winrar)
  2. Download the Mystcraft Mod zip file.
  3. Open the zip file.
  4. After that press start and run.
  5. Put %appdata% inside the box you see in run.
  6. Go into .minecraft folder.
  7. Go into bins folder.
  8. Open minecraft.jar by using winrar or 7zip.
  9. Drag all the contents inside the mystcraft zip into minecraft.jar that is opened by winrar or 7zip.
  10. Enjoy!

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Download Page for MystCraft Mod
  • p00p3r

    need download

  • john

    ok so i had the same problem with the mystcraft mod black screen did a little researchand fixed it in mins found out the mystcraft mod for 1.4.4 works just fine no prob with minecraft 1.4.5 and as a double i installed modloader and MCforge in my jar and then myst tested and no problems im currently running multiple mods in conjunction and no problems so my suggestion is try installing modloader and Minecraft forge in jar and follow instructions for rest of mods. I’ll also attemp to post my jar and u could replace your in attempt to fix the issue

  • Kogason

    so the mod works great! I load a new world great! I play for hours then when I close the game when I return, I load the world to find a message on the screen: “shutting down internal server…” with that my whole computer freezes & I am forces to hard shut down the whole computer. what is this and why have so many of my worlds been destroyed on account of this hugely inconvenient bug.

  • zz

    this is basically the worst website.