My People Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Have you ever wanted to be a mad scientist and clone your own personal army? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cobble together DNA fragments to make your own humans, just like Dr. Frankenstein? With the My People mod for Minecraft, you can fulfill these dreams and clone your own little freaks of nature.

Clone Humans

It can get lonely playing Minecraft all on your own. The closest thing to a friend you can find are those weird looking testificates, but they seem to prefer keeping to themselves. So why not clone yourself? After all, you are pretty awesome.So, how does one make a clone? First, create a needle and use it to extract your own blood, just like the evil genius you are. Then separate out the DNA and inject it into an egg. Hatch the egg with an electrical current (redstone) and guess what? You have got yourself a clone! Now you can give it a name and have it join you on the battlefield. Just be sure to give it some armor and weapons first!You can even customize its skin, just like with your in-game avatar. Clones can also mine and cut down trees as well, if given the proper tools.

Breed Mobs

If you are playing survival mode in vanilla Minecraft, you cannot craft monster eggs. However, with the My People mod you can. Just attack the mob of your choice with a needle. Get its DNA and put it in an egg, just like with human cloning. This will make a mob egg, which acts just like the ones found in creative mode.

New Items and Craftables

  • Needles, for collecting blood samples
  • Test tubes, for holding blood and DNA
  • Centrifuges, for extracting DNA from blood
  • DNA, the blueprint of life
  • Clone tracker, keep track of your minions

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