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My Little Pony Resource (Texture) Pack for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

Download Page for My Little Pony Texture Pack

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How to download & install:

  1. Download the “all of them (main)” copy the link and put it on your url
  2. Download the texture pack
  3. Run the game normally
  4. Select “mods and texture pack” under “multiplayer”
  5. A folder pops up and you choose “texture pack” folder
  6. Copy and paste the texture pack here without unzipping
  7. DONE!

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Download Page for My Little Pony Texture Pack
  • Izzy10471

    FIRST COMMENT!!! /) I love this texture pack!

    • shadoe

      how do u download it

  • GAPDerpy

    i cant download it, keeps taking me to my files on mediafire

  • Fluttershygal

    Wow great texture pack!

  • Fluttershygal

    Luv the texture pack

  • MintChocolate

    ;A; It only gives me the download for iLividSetup-r390-n-bc.exe …

  • BeccaB00

    How Do I DownLoad It????? ;A;

  • endermanyoshi

    Yeah, this didn’t work for me, just took me to my MediaFire files… ._.

  • Snowflake Neosaurs

    i can’t download this texture pack i see the zombie, pigman, i see only headass and i see default, witch, bat, village its glitch!

  • YaShutUpp22


  • r4yt34yhera

    up tthere

  • r1tn4fr14252dsf24235

    It Sends Me to MediaFire Homepage Instead Of Download Link Please Help