Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

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Mutant Creatures is a mod for Minecraft that adds new variations of mobs, new items, and a serious sense of challenge not present in the game otherwise. Simple to install and compatible with most other mods, this mod is a must install for all survival players. It all starts with some obsidian and a potion, which when brought to a crafting table once installation is complete can be crafted into an item called "Chemical X." When thrown the same way as a potion, Chemical X releases a skull spirit which will float around and infect a random mob in the area with a mutation.

There’s a fifty percent chance that this will kill the mob, but if the creature survives the infection they will mutate, gaining new characteristics, abilities, and drop tables. These mutants are substantially harder to kill than their normal variants, and a lot more rewarding in terms of both challenge and reward. It’s even possible in certain circumstances to use Chemical X to create some powerful allies who will follow you and help you defeat monsters much the same as a wolf would.

The Mutants

There are mutated versions of most hostile mobs, as well as some peaceful or allied ones. – The iconic Creeper massively expands in size, gaining a total sixty hearts worth of health and five brutal attack tactics. In it’s arsenal are a direct melee attack, in which the enlarged Creeper will swing it’s head at you relentlessly for damage and some knockback, the ability to call forth bolts of lightning for an increase in power, a charge that after five quick and vulnerable flashes will restore fifteen hearts of health, the ability to spawn Creeper minions, and in death the creature makes the biggest explosion it’s capable of, destroying blocks and doing massive damage. After the dust has settled from the final explosion, the mutated Creeper will drop an egg! This egg can be placed on the head and worn as a hat, and after three to five Minecraft days it will hatch into a Creeper minion of your very own, who will follow you like a wolf and gain special abilities and health when fed gunpowder and TNT, respectively. – The Zombie, when given Chemical X, mutates into a creature reminiscent of The Hulk, becoming far taller and far wider, most of that mass we can presume is pixelated muscle. The creature gains a total of seventy-five hearts worth of health, and three new attack strategies. There’s the classic ground pound melee attack, which hits everything in front of the mutant for massive damage and the possibility of inflicted hunger. There’s also a roar capable of summoning up to six Zombie companions during the day, healing powers at night, and a throw attack that causes both attack damage and massive fall damage. Upon death the mutant must be burned, or else come back again prepared to do you more harm. When successfully burned, though, the creature will drop a Hulk Hammer, granting you 64 uses of the ground pound you so deftly survived. – The Enderman also becomes substantially scarier when using the Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft, gaining perhaps the most terrifying set of powers of all. With one-hundred hearts of health and seven dangerous tactics involving teleportation, blindness, stunlocks through forced gazes, cloning, throwing the blocks it normally moves for damage, screaming and more. If you’re wise enough to wear a pumpkin in it’s death phase (but certainly not before,) the mutated Enderman will drop an Endersoul Hand, granting you the power to lift and throw blocks. – The Snow Golem also has a mutated form, if you find yourself in need of good company. When given Chemical X the golem’s eyes catch fire, he massively bulks up, and he will follow you around, throwing massive chunks of ice at enemies for you, freezing water to make footpaths, and generally just being a good frozen friend.

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