More Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

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You've doubtless encounter a wolf at least a couple of times on any extended play through of Minecraft. If that's the case you will quickly realize that there is only one type of wolf and it predominantly exists in only one type of biosphere. However, the More Wolves Mod for Minecraft will create a much larger variety of wolves with different skins from the vanilla wolves.

This mod will produce a new type of wolf for every type of different biome.

The Various Different Types of Wolves

As previously stated, the mod will produce different types of wolves for new environments where you would normally not encounter them. Some of these include places like the ocean, the beach, the mushroom lands, swamps and so on. Currently, there are mushroom wolves, forest wolves, taiga wolves, Hell wolves, also called Cerberus (with three heads!), plains wolves, beach wolves, jungle wolves, snow wolves and ocean wolves.

The Mod’s Impact on Gameplay

The mod does not directly or indirectly (so far as is known) affect anything else in the game. Basically, you don’t have to worry about bugs or glitches popping up while your being chased down by a angry wither. That being said, the additional wolves all function the same as the base game wolf. The only primary difference is the skin texture and the fact that you will be able to find wolves a lot faster and more frequently. Since all the other wolves function the same as the vanilla wolf it means you can breed them and tame them to build a army of wolves at your beck and call. This can be extremely useful when travelling through really dangerous territory or, especially, if you have used a previous enemy increasing mod, difficulty alteration mod or are simply playing on the highest difficulty setting.

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