More Swords Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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The More Swords mod for Minecraft gives the aspiring blacksmith an expanded inventory of craftable blades, some of which can do startling amounts of damage. This is a must have mod for anyone who enjoys having more crafting recipes to play with in their works shop and those who enjoy high-fantasy elements in Minecraft.

Adding new ores, swords and battle axes to the game, this is a feature rich mod that doesn’t put a strain on the resources necessary for smooth frame rates.

Colored Gems and Ores

This mod adds many new ores to the game, mostly in the form of colored gems. Simply titled “blue gem” or “green gem”, respective to the ore’s actual color, these items form the base of the new raw materials players will have to find. There is also a Rusty Ore block and a Dark Steel Ore block to be found in addition to the gems. Unlike many of the minerals in the vanilla game the new additions can all be broken with a wood pickaxe, though it will be a very slow affair.

A Virtual Armory of New Blades

While most players can appreciate the addition of new materials to discover in those tedious mining sessions, the real fun begins once everything is collected and assembled around the crafting table. There are over 20 new swords to create with varying attributes and resource requirements. Some of these requirements are quite steep and produce blades that are considerably stronger with respect to the rarity of the materials. Simple blades like the Barbarian sword will be made according to standard patterns of one stick and two minerals, in this case iron, to produce a weapon that does a respectable 10 damage. Other recipes actually require the player to craft individual parts of the sword to be assembled later. Parts like the hilt and blade will be separately crafted and then combined on a crafting table for the more complex designs.

Weapons that Come to Life

The More Swords mod adds a nice aesthetic touch to the game as well. Many of the skins on new ores and swords are much richer than is typically found in Minecraft without the need for addition shaders or texture packs. The swords themselves have a wide variety of designs from the standard default model to dual-bladed fantasy weapons. Many of these will crackle and flash with animations and particle effects, a nice addition given the high cost of many of these designs. The Blaze sword actually spits tongues of fire while others show webs of electrical energy traveling over the surface of the blade. Given the polish of this mod and its expanded crafting potential, it is a great addition to any player’s game.

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