More Notches Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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The More Notches mod for Minecraft is a large mod that brings in several new mobs, two new dimensions and several new weapon crafting recipes for players. This mod is currently available only on the PC version of Minecraft. One of the most exciting aspects of this mod is the ability to create quite a few new swords.

With almost all of the mobs in the mod, they will drop ingots when you defeat them. This includes ingots like the Slender ingot, Hell ingot, and Skeleton ingot. These Notch mobs will drop the ingots that you need in order to craft new items such as Hell Swords, Transporters and even Skeleton Swords.

The mod also includes transporters to different dimensions. These transporters actually have to be crafted by you during the mod, and they are not all that difficult to make. The new dimensions are where you will need to go to collect supplies and craft your new items. The two new dimensions included in the mod are the hell dimension and the heaven dimension, which you will need to create the transporters to reach.

There are several different versions of Notch that are available in the More Notches mod. These will come out in mobs, dropping the various ingots and items that you need to craft the mod specific weapons and armor.

NotchThe original Notch. Not the most exciting mob, Notch doesn’t do much of anything. He’s just a throwback to the original who will drop some of the ore that you need to create your transporters.

Ghost NotchNot all that different from the original Notch, the Ghost Notch is just blue tinted. These mobs are slightly more aggressive than the original Notches. They drop ore and diamonds also.

Devil NotchAlso known as the Hell Notch, this Notch is the first of the truly aggressive mobs. This is because the Devil Notch can set you and surrounding blocks on fire. When in a mob, this can get excessive as you can have five or more Devil Notches throwing down fire.

Slender NotchThe Slender Notch plays almost exactly like a regular slender. The individual Slender Notches can cause blindness and attack without being close. In mobs, the stacking of the blindness doesn’t add up to that much, but the attacks from a distance because of the long arms can get overwhelming in mods. The Slender Notch can also disappear at will.

Zombie NotchThese play just like the regular zombies. Zombie Notches will give chase and will try and bite your character. In mobs, they can be downright deadly. Zombie Notches can even eat their way through armor, though the strength of the armor will determine how long it takes them to eat through it.

Skeleton NotchThe Skeleton Notch plays just like a regular skeleton. They are ranged attackers who are not that much more deadly in groups. It is easy to pick out a Skeleton Notch by their impressive beard.

Creeper NotchJust like their deadly counterparts, Creeper Notches are a force to be reckoned with. They also have explosions that are considerably larger than those of a regular creeper. So a chain reaction in a mob can cause massive damage.

In addition to these aggressive notches, there are also some friendly notches. Some will help you fight, others will help you trade items like villagers. Within the Heaven dimension you will receive the quests to fight the Hell dimension spawns, which adds depth and a sense of story to the mod itself and considerably more game time than the average unmodded version of Minecraft.

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