More Creeps for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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If you're looking for a cool new mod for Minecraft, then check out More Creeps and Weirdos. More Creeps and Weirdos adds all sorts of crazy mobs, new items, and more achievements to Minecraft. It's a great new addition to Minecraft to make your game that much cooler. It's really popular with other gamers because it's so weird and funny.

You can do things like shrink the baby, buy ray guns from the alien, Mr. Floob, and train the guinea pig to help you fight other mobs. But watch out for the thief; this guy will attack you and take your stuff. There’s twenty-three new mobs to train, shrink and tame. One of the coolest new mobs is the guinea pig. You can tame, level up, and train the guinea pig to get the thief who stole your ray gun.

New ItemsAlong with the new mobs, we also have some awesome new items, like shrink rays, arm swords, and gems.

Use the shrink ray to shrink that giant baby and them him or her home. Tame the guinea to help you in the fight against the aliens, and buy some items from Mr. Floob. There are new weapons, like the shrink gun, items that bring other mobs to life, like the life gem, and items that tame other mobs, such as the cookies and wheat.

New AchievementsWe even get some new achievements in More Creeps and Weirdos. There’s the one with taming the guinea pig, one for fighting the floobs, and one with the giant baby. For the giant baby, you take the shrink ray, shrink the baby, and take them to your home. Then they grow up into Schlumps.

So that’s only a little bit of what you can find in More Creeps and Weirdos for Minecraft. Check it out, it’s at all your favorite sites for downloadable mods.

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