More Bows 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Between Brave, The Hunger Games, Arrow, and countless other recent media, archery has become a popular fighting style. This particular mod spices up the bland nature of Minecraft's archery through a several unique bows.While the basic version of Minecraft has just one mundane bow to fire arrows with, the More Bows 2 mod for Minecraft adds a solid dozen variant tools for dealing distanced damage.

Only slightly better damage and durability than the standard bow.

  • Iron Bow. Stronger and more durable than the Reinforced Bow. It also draws back at a faster speed.
  • Gold Bow. Really great for damage and firing rapidly, but wears away very quickly.
  • Crystal Bow. Great damage, firing speed, and durability.
  • Flame Bow. Better than the Iron Bow and its arrows start fires.
  • Emerald Bow. Better than the Crystal Bow, though its construction is costly.
  • Obsidian Bow. Not as powerful or swift as the other bows, but has the greatest durability.
  • Frost Bow. Takes longer to fire, but its arrows slow enemies.
  • Steel Bow. As the Iron Bow, but its arrows knock enemies quite a ways back.
  • Healing Bow. Fully heals whatever its arrows hit.
  • Legia Bow. Quickly fires three arrows per shot.
  • Glass Bow. The Crystal Bow’s speed and power, but only 8 durability.
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