ModLoaderMP for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.4.5

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ModLoaderMP is itself a mod for Minecraft, made by the talented ScottyDoesKnow (SDK), which allows players to easily install and uninstall a number of mods with a single click. While his other mods are known for their ease of use and pure fun, ModLoaderMP can best be described as a utility mod.

ModLoaderMP allows servers to use hundreds of mods on servers, with easy drag-and-drop installation. Players can install the client version of ModLoaderMP, which functions as a framework to allow any mod of your choosing to be installed in seconds.

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How does this help the process of installing mods for Minecraft? It simplifies it immensely! Normally, most mods for Minecraft require a modification of the actual .class files within the game, which is not only complicated for some players, but also can prevent players from logging into other servers without reinstalling Minecraft entirely. Sometimes modifying the .class files of the game can even cause crashes and other major glitches that require a reinstall! ModLoaderMP removes all of that uncertainty, fuss, and headache by streamlining the process. Simply install ModLoaderMP, and when you want to add or remove a mod, you can easily move the mod’s folder—no fuss, no hassle, just getting to the fun part faster!

ModLoaderMP by itself does not add any new features, mobs, game mechanics, or ores to the game, but it gives you as the player virtually limitless possibilities to easily install other mods. No more crashes, no more glitches, and no more bugs: that is the future of ModLoaderMP!

Downloads for ModLoaderMP 1.5.2, 1.4.5

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