MoarOres Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.6.4

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What does it bring to the game? Moarores mod for Minecraft is fundamentally the addition of over 179 different items and blocks to play around, this includes 8 toolsets and armor sets. But the very basic explanation hardly does justice. With intricate mechanics revolving around each new object new advantages stand to be gained, completely evolving your play style.

Some of the new ores included mythril, ruby, adimite and aparitite. Each of these possess new and unique weight stats for armour and speed stats for tools and wopons. The new ores also come with their own color codes as not to be confused for other ores within the game. Additionally a new fuel has been introduced that can perform cooking operations, or 108 in the furnace. The fuel is called a block of fission.

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Icing on the cakeGen. consensus within the community states that the MoarOres mod , is complemented by the MoarFood mod, coincidentally both are authored by the same person. And rumor has it that an entirely new dimension is in the works with this mod. This is only important because of how drastically the alternate dimensions impact the mechanics of different ore types. Additionally another perk of this mod is that pre-existing blocks can now be used to make gear and tools. All things considered the smart certainly has a lot to offer in terms of getting more out of MineCraft.

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