Mo’ Zombies Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Mo Zombies is a mod for Minecraft that focuses on adding many new kinds of zombies to the game. Are you bored with fighting the relatively un-challenging Creeper or Enderman? Do you want your Minecraft experience to play more like an episode of the Walking Dead? Then this is the Minecraft mod for you!

He drops gold.

  • “Pa” Zombie – The daddy?
  • Nether zombie – Even the Nether is no escape!
  • Zombie cyborg – A robotic Terminator, drops redstone stuff.
  • Zombie dwarf – Short guy who drops coal.
  • Zombie Herobrine – Terrifying flaming zombie, fast and deadly, drops diamonds.
  • Zombie king – Because they need government.
  • Zombie knight – Will defend king, does not say “Nee!”
  • Disco zombie – It actually plays music. Drops note blocks.
  • Zombie chef – And he wants your brains on the menu!
  • Survivor – Peaceful wandering human, dazed and in shock.
  • Can you survive the wave?

    Mo Zombies Mod for Minecraft turns the whole game into a giant zombie apocalypse story. Keep your bow always drawn and ready…

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