Mo’ Swords ++ Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

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Mo' Swords Mod for Minecraft is an add-on pack that creates a variety of new crafting materials, weapon recipes (mostly swords), and special items in the game. The mod is designed to add some epic weapons to the game for players to have fun with. The foundation of Mo' Swords is its massive variety of new sword categories: there are strong swords, custom swords, and eatable swords, as well as a host of new materials and special magical auras.

Damastzenerstahl ingots (German for Damascene steel) and glowing Damastzenerstahl ingots, along with Obsidion ingots and Spezial sticks, are used to augment the existing blacksmith’s collection. Collectible magical auras such as Fire, Dark, Earth, and other elements, are also used in the construction of new weaponry.

The swords themselves range from incredibly creative to downright strange. Strong swords include the Dragonkiller (an “ultimate” sword), as well as four elemental swords and two tributes. The Kibarchi is a tribute to the anime show One Piece, and the baseball bat pays homage to Team Fortress 2’s Scout class.

Custom swords get a little more creative–paper swords, bone swords, Brisingr (a tribute to the Inheritance Cycle fantasy series), ninja and pirate swords, and others make up this collection. All of these swords look incredible (by Minecraft standards) and are fun to wave around.

Mo’ Swords mod gets truly crazy with its edible sword arrangements. Nearly every food can be turned into some type of blade; bread swords, porkchop swords, fish swords, carrot swords, and even a melon sword are all able to be made by the player.

Mo’ Swords provides hours of fun experimentation for multiplayer and singleplayer servers alike.

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