MO’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Bored seeing the same animals over and over again? This is now over. With the Mo Creatures Mod for minecraft you get a huge amount of new animals and creatures of all kind. If you're looking for a mod to spice up the selection of in-game animals in Minecraft, MO Creatures has what you need.

This fun mod adds an impressive array of new animals to the Minecraft universe. It also adds loads of new collectible items to enhance your mining experience. The additions in MO Creatures help to create an environment that truly feels alive. This mod is a definite must have for any Minecraft player.

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 The first (and most important) thing that MO Creatures adds is, of course, creatures. As soon as you install this mod you’ll be greeted with tons of new animals, some friendly and others dangerous. You’ll notice goats and deer frolicking in grasslands, but keep an eye out for bears and cougars. The new animals aren’t limited to the land either. The sea is alive with dolphins, manta rays, jellyfish, sharks, and more. Wild animals are just one part of MO Creatures though.

 MO Creatures even adds some fantastic new enemy types that drop valuable rewards. You might find a magical golem whose body is made from precious ores. Wraiths, dangerous ghost-like enemies that drop gunpowder, can be found on higher difficulties. Players that want a real challenge can battle giant ogres. Don’t plan on hiding in your house if you anger an ogre though; they can destroy blocks! When you’re done battling the new enemies keep an eye out for animals that can expand your game play in other ways.

 Many of the new creatures added by the MO Creatures Mod are tamable. One of the coolest tamable creatures are the tamable horses. Once you catch and tame your horse, you can ride it all across your Minecraft world. There’s 35 different types of horses to collect and breed; you can even get a Pegasus or a skeletal horse. You can also tame turtles, rabbits, ostriches, and dolphins among others. Every tamed animal gives you a different benefit. Rabbits can be used as decoys, ostriches and dolphins can be ridden, and tamed birds help you survive long falls.

 Finally, MO Creatures adds a bunch of new items to Minecraft. Players who can kill a crocodile will be rewarded with croc skin, which can be used to craft a new type of armor. Fire golems drop the needed material to craft chain-mail, which is impossible to get without this mod. Many animals, including the turkey, drop meat for the player to consume. Also, there are many other items you can craft in order to tame many of the animals in MO Creatures, such a rope to tame horses or a medallion that tames big cats.

 If you’re going to get a Minecraft mod, you can’t go wrong with MO Creatures. The changes this mod makes add a lot to the Minecraft environment, going a long way towards making your world feel like a real, living place. Players who install this mod won’t be disappointed, in fact, worlds without MO Creatures will seem desolate and boring by comparison. Make your Minecraft World more interesting and install this Mod.

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