Minions Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The Minions Mod for Minecraft provides the player with an amusing descent into the arcane art of summoning. By pleasing the gods you can call forth minions who will dutifully take your orders, lending an entertaining alternative to the drudgery of mining. All that is needed is a sacrifice, the knowledge to command and the will to collect the spoils of the minions' hard labor.

They do this through the collection of 8 levels and then opening a menu to select the “commit to evil” option. From here, players will make 4 sacrifices such as “Support Fox News” and “Spread Sun Tzu Message”. Each of these options will play funny sound effects and a monstrous voice will announce that the gods are pleased with the sacrifice. Once properly appeased, the gods will present the player with a rod which will summon 4 loyal minions in cute hoodies and backpacks.

Commanding Your Minions

Chattering in an unintelligible language, the minions will set to their duties as the player commands. They can be ordered to move to specific places by clicking on them and then clicking on the block they should go to. Their primary use is to automate the process of mining and they have three different ways to do this. The “dig a shaft” command will set them to the task of digging a smallish hole directly down into the ground. They will lay a winding stair case as they go and collect everything they dig. The “dig” command allows the player to customize the depth, width and height of the space the minions should clear out. The “strip mine” option will send them digging down a different horizontal tunnel for your coveted minerals. Only one can be selected to strip mine at a time but each of the minions are capable of performing actions individually so there can be a complex flurry of activity occurring at any one time and a maze of tunnels will quickly open up.

It Pays to Be Evil

As they dig, each minion will collect the spoils of mining and put them in their backpacks. The player can retrieve the materials a minion has collected by right clicking on them to open the inventory screen and dragging them to the desired location. A chest can also be set up and the minions directed to it which will cause them to return to empty their inventory once it is full. If they do not work according o the player’s expectations, they can be “whipped” by punching them which will make them dig faster. The Minions mod for Minecraft serves as a means to inject a little humor into the game while lightening the burden of mining. With tasks that can be assigned to individual minions, any master of the summoning arts can quickly find themselves in control of a resource rich mining colony and building evil towers from which they hand down their orders to their slaves.

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