MineIndustry Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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The MineIndustry Mod for Minecraft is an industrial mod that can be used to add helpful machines to a person's Minecraft setup. In order to use this mod, it must be installed alongside the Risugami's ModLoader. This mod basically consists of various blocks that serve specific purposes. Hydroponic Blocks The hydroponic blocks that are introduced into the MineIndustry mod are efficient at growing wheat, as well as other plants that are needed. e.g., the regular hydroponic block that is available grows wheat without the need for water, and the most beneficial aspect of this hydroponic block is that the plants cannot be trampled after they have grown.

As far as the auto hydroponic blocks are concerned, they are capable of also growing wheat, and other plants without the need for water. Also, the auto hydroponic blocks are capable of harvesting and replanting automatically when the time has come.

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Grinder & Oven Blocks

The grinder block is useful for grinding materials to be further refined for use in cooking, or crafting other items. The grinder block can grind wheat into flour, sugar cane reeds to raw sugar, bones to bonemeal, and can grind gravel into flint.

On the other hand, the oven block cooks applicable furnace recipes; after the item is done cooking, it will be sent out of the oven in the set direction of the block. If needed, both the grinder and oven blocks can be rotated by right-clicking on them.

Item Thruster & Block Smasher Blocks

In terms of the item thruster and block smasher blocks, these blocks perform the functions their name implies. The item thruster block launches any items that land on it into the air; this block is beneficial for those who are in need of vertically transporting items, or even for launching toast.

Meanwhile, the block smasher is capable of smashing blocks that are put underneath it when powered with a Redstone Current. All blocks that are put underneath the block smasher can be smashed, except for Obsidian or Bedrock.


Lastly, there is an electric fence that players can add around their area to keep out any intruders. The electric fence is able to effectively keep out mobs, and even Creepers from entering the player’s area.

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