Minegicka Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Some of the best Minecraft mods take inspiration from other games - and Minegicka is indeed a better mod due to its inspiration. Paying homage to the PC game Magicka, Minegicka adds a massive new spell system to the game that functions in a very unique way. For starters, the mod adds 8 elements that all of the spells are based off of: Water Life Shield Cold Lightning Arcane Earth Fire In addition, there are two "non base elements": steam and ice.

So, how exactly do you go about using these spells?

Shooting the Spells

Actually casting a spell using these elements requires chaining anywhere between 2 and 5 of them together, and since the Minecraft engine does not contain any magic system by default – the mod’s creators have had to improvise. In addition to Minecraft’s existing item bar, the Minegicka mod for Minecraft adds a spell bar, and each of the elements on said spell bar correspond with a key on the keyboard, exactly like Magicka. Indeed, if you have any questions on how Minegicka works, and are familiar with Magicka, that familiarity will likely answer any questions.

Combinations for Profit

Indeed, most of the spell combinations stay almost entirely the same, and for those not familiar with Magicka, the combinations all make sense. For example, fire and water together make steam, while arcane and any elements creates a beam of that element.

Don’t Worry, There are Differences

Not all of it is exactly the same, though. To even begin casting spells in Minegicka, you have to craft a staff for yourself using wooden sticks and a diamond. Even more importantly is an unlock system that the mod’s creator has implemented. To even begin casting spells, you have to find a number of magic books that are scattered around the world on these new randomly generated altars, forming a quest all on its own.

Uniqueness through Hard Work

These massive additions is where Minegicka really shines. Instead of just adding a basic magic system to Minecraft, Minegicka goes out of its way to create a completely new world around this system, creating a reason why your Minecraft character suddenly has these powers, and implementing a system that slowly teaches you how to use magic without forcing you to read some wiki.

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