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Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit) for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

Download Page for Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit)

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Minecraft World Editor MCEdit for MineCraft is mod that allows you to create and edit MineCraft maps to your specifications. With this editor you are able to make anything you can think up by moving around blocks. Once you select an area you would like to build in, a GUI is then used to choose what you would like the area to be, such as air, grass, dirt, or cobblestone. All the mediums that are featured in MineCraft are available with this editor.

MCEdit is very simple program to use and the controls are the same as playing traditional MineCraft. You can select and drag to create different features for the world very quickly, as well as delete, clone and replace objects with ease. You can build spawn points, structures, fill in lava pits and control what is water or land. In addition to creating your world from scratch you can also import structures and features from existing worlds.

MCEdit offers endless possibilities for different levels and world maps. Since the worlds you create are only restricted by your imagination, they can be as detailed or plain as you would like. Whether you spend hours or minutes on a map this map editor will enhance your MineCraft game play greatly.

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    Download Page for Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit)
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        It is MC EDIT Version 1.8.1 this does not Minecraft 1.8.1

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      how do i even run it? all i can find is files and stuff, NO APPLICATIONS PLZ HELP

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        You should try MCPatcher I also have a Mac and its so hard to download mods but MCPatcher makes it so easy!!!

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      how do i downlaod it without getting tons of viruses and junk

    • billybigfist

      where is the download for the mod

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      It doesn’t work, dont waste your time.

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      Is it only me, or is there no Download-button? I dont want a PDF-Converter or a Video-program, which DOES have a Download-button. This is making me confused…

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        go on youtube and you can always find links in nthe description that lead you to aDFLY

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      wtf is this site weres the download

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      Guys, the red link that says “Download-Page for Minecraft World Editon (MCEdit)” Is the REAL ONE not the blue ‘Download Now” Ones.

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      does this support forge? i recently loaded the twilight mod and i had to get forge. so im hoping this will be compatible with forge.

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      er, it won’t delete items, tried the remove entity command

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      The reason it says ’1.8.1′ is because that is the mod version, not the Minecraft version.

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      this says that theirs a version for 1.6.1 but there isn’t -_-

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      1.6.1 ????????

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      how do i get in minecraft 1.6?

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        you need a minecraft preium account

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