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Funny Minecraft Moments

Funny Minecraft Moments for Minecraft

Ok be prepared to lough your ass off. Watch this poor guy trying to survive at minecraft and building well the most complicated things ;) read more

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Giant Creeper

Giant Creeper for Minecraft

Ok guys if you think creepers suck, you should see this bad boy in action. And if you have the time, you could try to build one yourself. Don’t miss the ending ;) ! read more

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The Parable of Brin

The Parable of Brin for Minecraft

If you by now still dont hate creepers, this video will change it. Great story and an emotional ending are making this movie worth to watch. read more

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12 Days of Minecraft Christmas

12 Days of Minecraft Christmas for Minecraft

Christmas is in front of us and for all the minecraft fans out there this video gives you an idea of what minecraft Christmas is all about. Enjoy! read more

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Minecraft Gangnam Style

Minecraft Gangnam Style for Minecraft

Psy is all over the world right now. Everybody and his friends are listening and dancing to this song. And minecraft fans are no exception to that. But we do it the Minecraft Style way! Zombies, Creepers and… read more

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World of Minecraft – Best of 2010

World of Minecraft – Best of 2010 for Minecraft

read more

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The best Minecraft Buildings

The best Minecraft Buildings for Minecraft

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