Redstone Update


The coming update 1.5 will be all about RedStone. The developers will integrate a bunch of new ways, how redstone can be used and it also will be more noob-friendly. The video explains some of the great features we can look forward to. … [Read more...]

Minecraft + Raspberry Pi!


The Raspberry Pi is probably the smallest and cheapest computer, that is available today. It costs around 35$ and isnt bigger than a credit card. And now Minecraft is comming to this tiny computer, so a lot more people around the world could enjoy … [Read more...]

FF7 Midgar in Minecraft


Fans have build the whole town Midgar from Final Fantasy 7 . This is probably one of the biggest projects of all. Check out the impressive town. … [Read more...]

New Update adds Fireworks


The next update (1.4.6) will come out before Christmas and the main addition will be fireworks. This way you can celebrate new years eve in minecraft as well ;).You can download the snapshot 12w49a, that contains the changes here:Client: … [Read more...]

MineCraft Update 1.5 – All changes of the Redstone Update


Jens Bergensten, the lead designer for MineCraft over at Mojang, says that after the delay that update 1.5 faced, fans can expect MineCraft to see the update in early March. Dubbed as the Redstone update due to the number of changes the mechanic, … [Read more...]